I have a diverse educational background that includes teaching children with learning difficulties, school counseling, school psychology, university teaching, and school leadership. I spent 8 years as an educator in the US before moving overseas to Chile in 2010. I worked at Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile as a School Counselor, a Literacy Specialist, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning in the Early Years School and finally as the PK-12 Director of Curriculum and Professional Development.


I am passionate about empowering children to be curious, solve authentic problems, and learn deeply about the world in which they live. I loves collaborating with colleagues about teaching practices, action research and engaging educators in meaningful adult learning experiences. I currently serve as the Director of the Teacher Training Center Programs at the Principals' Training Center (The PTC). 


I hold advanced degrees in School Leadership (M.Ed.) from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, Special Education (Ph.D.) from the University of Oregon, and School Psychology (M.S.) also from the University of Oregon.

Reflections on my leadership training from High Tech High's Graduate School of Education

No one is born fully-formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are.

Paulo Freire



I believe that it is my responsibility to develop a
school culture where everyone feels like they
belong and where they feel safe and respected
to make their voice heard as part of our
learning community.

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Leadership Philosophy

As a leader, I strive to cultivate a culture of learning that not only supports students to grow
as learners but also supports faculty to continue learning, to follow their passions, to be
inspired, and to improve their own practice as educators. I believe that it is just as important
for faculty to engage in their own inquiry as it is for our students. When faculty can bring their
own passions into the classroom and explore areas of their practice that they want to
improve with colleagues, they are modeling the type of learning that we want to see in
classrooms with our students.


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