Who am I? Finding myself as an educator.

I have spent the last 10 months reading about, talking about, and thinking about equity. Equity is the beating heart pumping passion into the veins of the staff in the High Tech High organization. I experienced it first hand and the experience has changed me for the better. I spent 10 months working with colleagues who were always questioning themselves and each other about how our projects could incorporate more social justice issues, how we could design more entry points for students, about how our practice and environment could be more equitable, and how we can ensure we are creating opportunities for all student voices to be heard.

Part of doing this work is knowing who you are as an educator. We all have a story about why we chose a career path in education. We all have experiences that have shaped us. We have all made decisions based on those experiences which, in some way, inform our practice. Some of us have a strong sense of who we are as educators, some of us know who we are as educators but have trouble articulating it to others, and some of us haven’t really spent a lot of time thinking about our choices and how our past experiences have shaped us. If you asked me how I became an educator a year ago, my story may have sounded different. Not because I view my life differently now, but because I hadn’t really spent a significant amount of time thinking about my own story with any real depth. In the past 10 months I have become a much more reflective practitioner. As a result, I think it is time to re-examine my own story.

This process is not easy nor is it simple and straightforward. I have been wanting to dig into my own story for a while. So, bear with me. I am hoping that through a few more blog posts my story will begin to unwind. What’s your story? How did you become an educator? What parts of your past influence who you are today and how you see the world? Join me on my journey and perhaps you'll even be inspired to find yourself (or reexamine yourself) as an educator too!

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