An Open Letter: Getting Better, the Science of Improvement

Dear Colleagues:

I couldn't be more excited for the successes, challenges, and the failures we will experience this year for we tend to learn and grow the most from our failures and misgivings. As I step into the role of Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning I know our learning journey together will be one of hope, adventure, and joy!

One of my personal and professional passions is pursuing continuous improvement. For me, this work begins by developing a deep understanding of the problems we face in education. Grappling with problems of practice and understanding those problems from different perspectives (students, teachers, staff, parents, school leaders) while using tools to guide our thinking provides a science to improvement that allows us to start small and take action towards getting better at our work. I am excited to lead these efforts this year using the science of improvement to help us get better at teaching and learning at Nido.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. This work can feel daunting, but with a process in place to examine our ideas and take action based on research, we will begin connecting the dots between our climate work, our curriculum, and our professional learning communities. This work will begin with the leadership team. We need to establish some common understandings, set a focus for our work, and develop systems to help make the flow of our work together connect to our strategic plan. While this work will begin with the leadership team, it will quickly trickle down to teaching and learning in the classroom.

Improvement science is a promising approach for understanding problems deeply and developing a theory of action. The tools of improvement science will help us to start small, use data to guide our decisions, and test out change ideas to help us understand what works best for our learning organization from adult learning to student learning. With learning at the core of all we do, we will spark inquiry, drive innovation, and transform teaching and learning at Nido!

Join me on this journey!

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