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Project Based Learning

There are many different project planning tools available. This backwards planner is one of my favorites.

Wondering if Project Based Learning is a good fit your International School? Read this article.

Looking for some project inspiration? Check out these student projects from High Tech High.

Curiculum Resources

Looking for tools to align your your vision of learning, mission, and curriculum development to establish effective instruction and assessment practices? Check out this book!

Student interest plays an important part of curriculum design. The Question Formulation Technique from the Right Question Institute is an innovative way to bring student voice into curriculum units.

Examining student work from a unit and then reflecting on what you learned from that work is one of the most powerful tools for revising a unit. Here is a helpful protocol.

Assessment Resources

Performance assessments are powerful tools for ensuring students can show their learning through application of newly acquired skills and knowledge. This site has great resources to get you started.

Where is your school currently at with schoolwide assessment practices? Use this rubric from the Principals' Training Center to help identify areas of strength and areas that need more focus through professional learning.

Learning targets/success criteria are critical in the assessment process in terms of student ownership of learning. EL Education offers a variety of resources to help teachers write effective, student friendly learning targets.

Video Library

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.

John Dewey

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